Oh Shoe, Where are you?

Ever since we've started putting Ephram in shoes every time we leave the house (first, due to the cold Winter temperatures, and then, because he could walk), we've been playing the missing shoe game. It shouldn't even be called a game, because games should be fun and it's definitely not enjoyable to buy a pair of shoes and then lose them 2 days later. We are still on the lookout for the second shoe in a pair of velcro shoes Ephram got for his birthday. If anyone does find joy in searching for disappearing shoes, you are welcome to come look for us.

Luckily, we've somehow kept an eye on both of his Skidders from Target, but they aren't exactly what you'd call a summer shoe. He can walk really well in them now, but he gets sweaty feet (just like his daddy) and even a few small blisters have developed on his feet due to them. So two weeks ago, I opted to find him some sandals. Of course, the pudginess of his feet prevented us from buying the cheap kind, so I settled on the one pictured above. Not more than 48 hours later, we'd lost a shoe. I had nearly given up the search when I stumbled upon the missing shoe, under the couch in the living room, this morning.

Here ends the story of (at least one of) the missing shoe(s). But it lead me to another discovery. I am absolutely loving this new toddler stage with Ephram. I thought that I'd miss his baby stage so much as he grew up (and parts of me obviously do), but a larger part of me is so anxious to see every new skill he masters.

For example, attempting to put on a recently found shoe.