I remember that first year after I graduated high school. The freedom I felt. Sure I was taking classes at college, but in college you aren't locked into a building for 8 hours straight, forced to eat cafeteria food.  Some days I'd have a two hour break between classes, or other days I'd only have one class, so I was free to do what I wanted for the first time I could ever remember.  It was such a strange feeling being 'free' during the weekdays. Like, woah, I can drive to Subway at 11am on a Tuesday just because I was hungry. The novelty of those days has fully worn off, especially with a work schedule like mine where I work most weekends and have random weekdays off scattered throughout the month.  But last Friday, Beau took the day off, I had the day off, and the three of us drove to the cabin in northern Wisconsin.

Weekends at the cabin are typically busy.  Those northern towns that thrive off of the rush of people who come up north for the weekend?  It's one of those towns.  But on a Friday morning in late September, it was like we were free, breaking the rules, doing whatever we wanted while the rest of the world was stuck at work or in school.

A few years from now, Ephram will enter school and we won't have these opportunities. So even though he may have been a pain in the butt, not-going-to-sit-still typical toddler at breakfast, we reveled in the opportunity to not wait 2 hours for a delicious Delta Diner breakfast.

Thank you to the cook, who must have seen us frantically trying keeping Ephram entertained with a butter packet, and cooked up a small pancake for him to munch on.