Potluck/Lovefest No. 2


Yesterday evening our Northfield Moms Group got together for our annual potluck. With the little ones being a bit more mobile than last year, we headed to Lake Byllesby for swimming, picnicking, playing games, and more. Though in the past year Ephram and I haven't been able to attend as many playgroups as I would have liked to, I am so lucky to have this group of moms and toddlers to get together with when my work schedule does allow.

I didn't quite get a picture of everyone, but you can get a sense of the chaos fun that ensues when you bring 15 toddlers/babies to the beach on a summer evening.


Ephram had loads of fun, and there may have even been a few other mothers' arms that he decide were temporarily better than mine.

And I just realized I didn't get a single picture of the beach itself since I spent the whole evening trying to keep Ephram away from the water (he is obsessed).

EphramDonya Gjerdingen