Well, I didn't get around to prettying up some pictures from our second week in Texas today, but we did head to the park. And the funniest thing happened and I it just couldn't go on unblogged. It was so beautiful in Texas today that we just had to get out of the house. It was 75 degrees, partly cloudy, very windy which made the air smell tropical... So right after naptime we walked to the park. I am really loving having this park so close by. I have a feeling we will be having a few picnics there in the coming weeks.

Ephram has a clear favorite when it comes to the park activities; the swing.

After about 30 minutes of swinging - I'm not kidding - I convinced Ephram to explore the rest of the park.

Here's him and me climbing up one of the curved ladders. Beau was taking pictures of Ephram while he was slightly preoccupied observing some older kids playing across the park. Always observing.

Then as you can see below, we smacked heads somehow and Beau captured the whole thing. That kid has one hard head. No lie. (It may take awhile to load, but will continue to loop afterwards.)

Haha, I love his facial expressions! Mine on the other hand... well, they're pretty funny too I guess. :)

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