We didn't carve pumpkins this year. We didn't decorate the house with Halloween decor this year.

We didn't take Ephram Trick or Treating this year.

But we did dress him up as a puppy. And despite my concerns that he'd refuse to wear his costume, he wore it like a champ. For THREE hours.

We headed out early to the park to attempt some photos, but I was careful to not expect too much out of our little photo shoot. Instead of disappointing me, he impressed me. He showed of his curious 20 month old self and even put up with having his puppy costume on, with the hood up, long enough for me to capture several photos. I'll post more with his cousins tomorrow, but here are some from our walk to the park.

Maybe we should have let him trick or treat; I've seen several photos on Facebook of toddlers his age gathering treats, but I think he was just a bit too young still this year. Instead, he thoroughly enjoyed running to the door every time our doorbell rang to see the neighborhood kids in their costumes.

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