Okay, I might be biased (juuust a little bit), but I swear he is the cutest boy on the planet. I mentioned on Monday that one of Ephram's most frequently used words lately is see.  He asks to see what I'm cooking.  To see the garbage truck, or any loud vehicle for that matter, when it passes by our house. To see the lights in our yard and across the street.

To save our arms some trouble, we've moved a few of the dining room chairs next to the windows so Ephram can 'see' whenever he'd like.  Unfortunately he still favors us holding him.

I love his curiousity in these photos.  Something so sweet about a boy figuring out the world around him.

ps. If you've been missing my Ten on Tuesdays (all two of you ;) - you can find a new, similar feature on my photography blog each Tuesday.

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