She Was Old

I didn’t have any actual, written out resolutions for 2011, but I have been attempting to be more positive. Because really, no one wants to hear complaints. And I’m definitely one who complains too much. I hate it. Therefore, looking on the bright side has been a mental goal. But I have to admit, this final day of January really test me. And I failed. The story starts with a very busy 16 hour shift at work for Beau last night. When you are a meteorologist, snow and ice storms such as the one about to impact areas stretching from Texas and Oklahoma all the way up to New York City and Boston, make for an incredibly busy day night of work. In addition to forecasting a mega storm, it was snowing here in Minnesota during his commute home at 6am. So I’m sure Beau really enjoyed it when our Mitsubishi Mirage died in the middle of a three lane highway.

Ephram and I left the house at 6:45am to go get him. It wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to start the week. I hate being caught off guard. It’s probably the real reason I was interested in weather as a kid actually. I wanted to know if it was going to rain. I didn’t want to just wake up and be surprised. I hate surprises. So you can guess how happy I was to find out that I had to drive 25 minutes in the snow to get Beau.

I had a case of the grumps and I couldn’t see anything bright about this situation. But after the machanic called to let us know that for sure our car had reached its death, and as we headed back up to the towing company to sign over the car title to them, I started to think about the many years I’ve had with Mitsy (that was my car’s name, by the way… yes, i named my car… don’t look at me like that… ).

The bright side started to appear.

* She needed new wiper blades, but I had been putting it off. I’m so glad I didn’t end up spending the money on them to only have her die. * I knew an oil change was in the near future. Again, so glad we didn’t waste money on that now. * Mitsy was faithful to us the entire drive to and from Glacier National Park back in May of 2009. Much appreciated. * She’s even seen a few tornadoes. * It could have been much worse. Beau could have been calling to let me know he’d gone into ditch due to the slippery, snow-covered streets. Or another car could have hit him while he was waiting for the tow truck to come. * She was turning pink, which was half cute, half annoying. She was old (well, sort of. she was 11). It was time. *Miraculously, it was the beginning of a 2 day weekend for both Beau and I, which rarely happens, so that we could car shop!

So… we are now in the market for an extremely reasonably priced used car or small SUV! And quick. We have a trip to Florida planned next week, after all.

06 26 2009 - 1 circa june 2009 – south dakota storm chase

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