shorter days.


I'm all about summer. I love the bright early mornings, endless evenings, warm sun, the sound of cicadas and kids playing and lawn mowers. Okay, maybe not the lawn mower part - those are pretty difficult to sleep through after an overnight shift. But overall, there isn't much I don't love about summer. Then the sunrise starts sleeping in, way past my alarm clock, way past Ephram's internal clock, and the nights arrive sooner and sooner.

Last night driving home I felt it. It's sort of magical the first time; when the sun has completely set, it feels like the middle of night, but really you just finished dinner. Everyone's headlights are on and you feel like it should be snowing. It's winter. I don't care that it technically hasn't snowed yet and I haven't dug out the mittens and hats, last night I felt that first hint of winter.

I'm trying to be okay with it. Actually, the anticipation of Thanksgiving dinners and first snowfalls and Christmas music is what makes it feel a bit magical to me that first time each year. But instead of working in the garden, taking walks to get coffee, or going to the park after dinner, we spend much more time inside.

Last Winter Ephram still had some baby left in him. He couldn't walk, toys that simply jingled entertained him for hours, and he took at least two naps a day. This winter will be more difficult. I'm not a winter person when it comes to activities outside so I'm determined to find a plethora of activities to keep Ephram entertained indoors for the next several months. Thanks to Pinterest, I think I'll make do.

First up for us? Our camping lantern is already brightening up our evenings a bit. What activities have worked best with your toddlers? I'm anxious to hear!

EphramDonya Gjerdingen