shoving cake in your mouth

I learned last Saturday that there are three very important steps when it comes to eating your first birthday cupcake. Fortunately, Ephram had them down pat after getting some tips from a recent birthday for his aunt Taryn. (see Ephram's steps below) the birthday boy the birthday boy

The party was great. Though Ephram was a little hesitant to go to some of the less familiar family, he's always been a people watcher, and enjoyed the view from Beau and my arms most of the party. Luckily, we planned the party for 2pm, and it worked perfectly for Ephram to get a good 1 hour 45 minute nap in just before the first guests arrived.

He loved his cupcake, and even attempted to eat the wrapper. Unbelievably, he kept his birthday crown on his head the entire time.

the birthday boythe birthday boythe birthday boy

The house was packed, as you can see. There were even more people in the dining room to the right, not pictured. If we have a second child, we probably will do smaller birthday parties to celebrate the first year. It was definitely fun, but a little crazy.

But boy, Ephram got lots of presents. I enjoyed the new cute boy clothes, while he seemed to enjoy new wooden blocks and a truck with Ephram's name on it (made by his great grandpa Klatke!). He's already played with his new animal toys a million times this week, in addition to puzzles, stacking blocks, and new books! Thanks for everyone who came and made Ephram's birthday so much fun.

the birthday boythe birthday boythe birthday boy

What's that? A picture of us three, together? Man, we need more of those.

Thanks to Grandpa Mark for taking a few photos of Beau, Ephram and I together on his special day! And a huge thanks to my sister in law, Amy, for helping out with all the food. She and Beau are always great in the kitchen :)

EphramDonya Gjerdingen