Smoothie Man

I mentioned yesterday that we've become a bit obsessed with smoothies lately. Well, here is the evidence. I'm not sure why Ephram has entered the phase he's currently in, but for whatever reason, he isn't too fond of solid foods anymore. Pieces of lunch meat, string cheese, bits of bread, canned peas. He used to munch on all of these like no tomorrow. He'd eat, and eat, and eat. I haven't been too worried about his lack of eating actual food since he nibbles enough to not starve. And I'm fairly confident that it's yet another phase that will pass in 2-3 weeks time. Not to mention, he's still looking pretty healthy (aka chubby) these days.

What hasn't changed is his love for beverages. He has an undeniable desire to drink from any cup he sees. Coffee cups, regular cups, colored cups, beer bottles, pop bottles, pop cans, water bottles, wine glasses, glasses with straws, etc. If he sees a cup, he shows immediate interest. So when I stumbled upon our smoothie maker, the idea instantly sparked in my head that I could get Ephram to "eat" a bunch of nutritious food by blending it into drink form. And I was right. We devoured two smoothies yesterday (and another one this morning), which overall consisted of vanilla yogurt, half of a container of strawberries, frozen blueberries, 2-3 bananas, and spinach!


Now I need to find some great smoothie recipes that incorporate veggies and I'll be all set. This afternoon, I may try this one since I've got some carrots laying around that I know Ephram won't eat whole. What smoothie recipes have you tried?

EphramDonya Gjerdingen