Summer Essentials.

For a little summer fun, I thought I'd round up our favorites for this time of year. Afternoons with Ephram and I are typically spent outside in the yard or inside making food, and the list highlights that.

Mango Juicy Juice, Target Brown Sandals, Blueberries,  Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block

Ephram’s never been a huge fan of straight water (though he’ll slam his milk), so I combine a little bit of Mango juice with water and he loves it.  No better way of keeping that boy hydrated in the sun.  And speaking of being outside in the sun, I swear every toddler boy I know has these brown sandals from Target.  I had to opt for the velcro type due to Ephram's chubby feet, but these really work great.  Only problem, we did accidentally take another boy's shoes home from daycare.  Since then, Ephram's pair now displays his name promptly on the bottom.  Blueberries are his new favorite.  We just didn't buy them over the winter (other than a bag of frozen ones, which Ephram didn't care for), but now we buy at least two containers every time we visit the grocery store.  He devours them and will never stop asking for "mor" until you cut him off.  We're also trying out a new sunscreen which features both Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in the active ingredients list.

Target V-neck Tee, Osterizer Blender, Gap Leather Flip Flops, Old Navy Jersey Skirt

My summer go-to t-shirt is this light weight, summery, perfect-for-chasing-a-toddler shirt.  I have it in both pink and orange currently, but am thinking of expanding my collection if I see them on sale any time soon.  Of course, the blender shouldn't be a big surprise with all the smoothies we eat around here.  Earlier in the summer, I was using our Rocket blender, but it broke just after a month's use.  So we've switched to our normal blender which is surprisingly just as convenient really.  The sandals are actually from my wedding 3 years ago, believe it or not!  Bought them for around $25 and continue to wear them on days I want to discard my everyday sandal for a slightly more dressed up version.  Love those things.  And yes, I've mentioned that Jersey skirt from Old Navy before, but I did actually buy a couple and they are ideal for the days I both work and end the day in the yard with Ephram.

How about you?  Any favorite summer items you've discovered this year?