the boys = the chaos

With how non-traditional Beau and my work schedules are, sometimes I feel that Ephram doesn’t get as much playtime with kids as he would otherwise. I’m not too concerned, since I value how much time he instead gets to be with us. But I’m so thankful to have so many mother friends to get together with on random days of the week. Two girls I used to work with also had baby boys, roughly 2-4 months on either side of Ephram. And we get together every so often, whenever it works with all of our schedules. The holidays and then a couple sicknesses kept Ephram and I away for a few months, so when we finally met up last week, it was amazing how much more mobile all three had gotten. The oldest, Freddy, is now walking! Ephram, of course, is now crawling and cruising along furniture everywhere. And the littlest, Caleb, is sitting on his own and very close to taking off on all fours. With all the increased movement between these three dudes, it was quite chaotic, to say the least. But we all had a ton of fun. Us moms, included. Especially with Shanna’s homemade chocolate chip cheesecake! (thanks Shanna!)

Things to note in the chaotic photos below:

- yes, that’s Freddy attempting to steal a toy from Ephram, while sitting on his lap

- shoes apparently taste lovely to a toddler

- Caleb is probably the happiest and less troublesome of all the boys right now because he can’t crawl, yet

- Ephram has officially reached an age where he’ll steal toys from the littler babies

- Freddy thinks he can take care of Caleb all on his own now. Look at him helping with the nuk!

- And then there is Ephram and his nuk. We’ve been trying to keep the nuk usage confined to the crib, but he definitely still needs it when he’s sleepy/cranky

the boysthe boysthe boysthe boys

It sure is fun to have two other little boys to watch grow and play with Ephram.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen