the hum of a leaf blower


Last week was temperatures in the 80s, tanktops, sandals, struggles over turning the A/C on in October, too hot to turn the oven or the stove on. For the record, we did end up turning on the A/C because I was working overnight shifts and I cannot sleep in heat like that. This week is temperatures in the 60s, sweaters, socks, adding blankets to the bed at night (yes I get to sleep at night this week!), smelling autumn. And for the record, I love it. I may miss summer in just a few short weeks, but for now, bring on the long sleeves and boots. And while you’re at it, anything pumpkin, please!

It’s been too long since I jotted down what Ephram’s been up to...

At 19 months of age, Ephram’s noticing the changing of seasons. He’s so curious about the crinkly leaves floating down the street, how strange it feels when the wind blows. He climbs up on stools, chairs, couches, anything to see out the window while we are inside. Waving to all the kids walking home from school. Saying ‘choo choo’ every time he hears the train go through town. Giving all of his attention to the leaf blower across the street and imitating the noise it makes. These are the things I’m enjoying about a 19 month old boy right now. Some things I’m not enjoying? The new resistance to getting ready for bed (luckily he’ll still GO to bed okay) and ignoring our requests to not pull Pacey’s tail... Every day we get closer to winter (though I like to think we are getting closer to next spring and summer too) and every day I watch Ephram learn something new.

Though I did question his relationship to me when he spit out a warm, toasted bagel with cream cheese and pumpkin butter spread on top. If you don’t like pumpkin, there’s no way you can be my son. Okay, I’ll keep you anyways.

EphramDonya Gjerdingen