Waving Hello


Oh man, this is a video I've been meaning to share for awhile. I feel like since I ceased the monthly updates for Ephram, I haven't been documenting his stages very well. Right now he's in between the babbling baby stage and the talking toddler stage and this was a prime example. He understands words we say so well. So when we taught him to wave to others on the lake this summer, he picked it up right away and started copying us. But the words never came out quite right. Whenever he attempts more than one word at a time, it ends up fairly mumbled. It's the cutest thing ever if you're his mom, just so you know. And I'm sure I'll love the actual talking stage soon, but I can't go on without documenting this. Here's Ephram starting and stopping the boat to wave to the shoreline (which probably was lacking anybody to wave at - but he didn't care), the whole family giggling in the background, the cd we've had in the pontoon for far too many summers playing loudly. Boating is definitely less relaxing with a toddler, but it sure leads to more laughing too.

That's my mumbling-waving-adorable boy.

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