Week One in Texas


I wasn't sure how I'd catch up on the blog once we got internet; start with Christmas? the move? our new life in Houston? Well, Beau says he wants to show what we've been up to down here, so I'll start with that. Like I said yesterday, Ephram was sick the first week, and we have only a few toys in the apartment (the rest being in boxes on a moving truck in Chicago that may or may not ever get here...). Don't worry Colonial Van Lines, I really enjoy sleeping on an air mattress, washing clothes every other day, and cutting our food with plastic utensils. Please, take your sweet time... So we tried to get out of the house as much as possible.

First, let me start with the apartment. I'll try to take more pictures soon and give a mini-tour, but this photo captures my favorite part (tied with having the laundry room attached to our bathroom). The windows! They are low to the ground in every room so Ephram can see outside. Even pushes his cars around on them. And if you know me at all, you know I'm in heaven with the white trim. :)

After sending my mom back to Minnesota via plane on Tuesday, we took the hour trip down to Galveston to see the beach on Wednesday, even though Ephram's cold was really kicking in. He slept most of the ride there and back, but woke up enough to take a short stroll on the beach once we got there.

But he was still pretty sick Wednesday evening, Thursday, and Friday. He wouldn't even eat a hot dog! Definitely a sign of sickness with Ephram. Do you like our living room furniture? Why would we want Colonial Van Lines to bring our furniture in a timely manner when we've got deck chairs? I mean, really...

And just when I thought he was feeling better, he laid down on the floor, one shoe on, blankie in hand, and fell asleep.

But we still tried to cheer him up with a trip to our nearby park. I think it worked, don't you?

Don't worry, he's doing much better now. He successfully transferred his cold over to Beau and I, just in time for Beau to start work this past week.

Week 2 pictures coming up next!

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