Who Needs Toys?

Actually, Ephram loves his toys.  And now that he's so mobile, he can entertain himself unbelievably well.  I never thought he'd get to that point after being soo, so, so clingy as a little guy.  Walk out of the living room to grab a glass of water?  Cry.  Walk across the room to grab a toy? Cry.  End of the world.  But now?  Now he walks all over our basement by himself, tearing books out of the book shelf, building with blocks, gathering balls, rawring at stuffed animals, hiding underneath  my computer desk.  It's an amazing difference from when he was little. But it amazes me how much Ephram shows interest in objects other than baby and toddler toys.  We have a stereo that we don't use and it's been re-purposed as Ephram's toy because he enjoys tinkering with it so much.  Ephram has his own computer mouse, keyboard, remote (all of which we had extras of, not in use).  And anytime we are drinking from a cup, bottle, glass, whatever... he has to try it to.  And he doesn't just play with these objects, he masters them.  But while he is still working on using a computer mouse and keyboard correctly, last night he discovered how to twist a bottle cap on a bottle.

I know, you don't even have to tell me.  He's a 15.5 month old genius!

I totally understand if you don't watch the whole 3 minutes and 32 seconds of video.  Even as his mother, I honestly only rewatched it about 3 times.  But I can't help but being a little proud.

This totally means he's going to Harvard one day, right? :P

EphramDonya Gjerdingen