Remember this moment: I wasn't even paying attention. You had woken up a little earlier than normal and I was attempting to finish up a couple projects on my computer before I walked away for the morning to make breakfast and play with you. Luckily, you happily came into the office with me and worked on your puzzles (you've become such a pro at them - I love it). Just as I was about to get up from my desk, you turned to me with the biggest smile. "Eph-wum!" you said as you pointed to your shadow on the wall. Seeing your reflection is so much fun for you these days, but you had never seen your own shadow. This was different. I watched you walk slowly along the wall, carefully watching what your shadow would do. Then you hid behind the corner and peeked around to see if your shadow was still there. It was straight out of an adorable Disney movie or something, I swear.

I love watching you discover new things, buddy.