Reading Corner


Remember this moment: "Read some books, dada?" Ephram said as he ran into his newly painted bedroom.* This shocked Beau and I quite a bit. Not because he wanted to read, but because he wanted Beau to read to him. Not me. I even hesitated to capture this adorable sight because I was nervous it would distract Ephram and make him realize I was available to read books. I guess you could say he's a mama's boy most of the time, because at bedtime, he insists that I read him his books. It is unacceptable for Beau to do it, unless I'm not home. So they read. And read and read. Ephram, relaxing in his tiny Ikea chair (I love miniature furniture!), Blue Blankie in lap, in his newly set up reading corner. Beau, quite pleased to be the one requested for story time. And me, admiring my sweet boys reading together on a Sunday afternoon.

*Ephram's room isn't quite complete, but painting the walls was a huge step since it required one day of no nap (er... quiet time). Once I get a few more items hung on the walls, I'll share photos.

**Anyone have a toddler go through a book ripping phase? That's the reason there are no books on his bottom book shelf. And he loves books! So it's not like he's purposely destroying them because he hates them. I don't get it.