A Separation of Sorts

First things first.  I've been struggling with how to separate personal blog posts from client posts, and baby posts from Ephram posts.  As many of you know, I started a blog specifically for Ephram a couple of months after he was born to keep family and friends updated on how he was growing and changing.  But I'd like to talk about more personal things, other than just posting a few photos here and there.  And since so many of my personal posts on this blog crossover with Ephram, my mission is to move them over to his blog.  Or, as I'll call it, 'Our Life with Ephram' Blog.  So if you are here today to check out today's Ten on Tuesday post, I must redirect you here! In closing, I hope to keep this blog updated as well, though with the Winter season and cold temperatures upon us, I haven't been as busy with client photos.  But rest assured that as the warmer weather returns, you'll see many families, children, and babies featured here on the blog!  So don't go too far!

I'll leave you with a sneak peek at Ephram's cute friend, Caleb.  There were so many cute ones from this session, but I'll let them surprise their family with them instead of posting.

notesDonya Gjerdingen