Around Here + Giveaway Winner!

Wow, this week flew by for me!  How about you? Okay, before I get to the photos below, I suppose I should announce a winner for the Giveaway!  First, let me say a HUGE thank you to so many of you who commented (here and over on FB) and shared my re-opening announcement.  I am super excited to get back into capturing sweet and silly moments between families, creating art for your home, and fully appreciated the support!

& the winner is: Lindsey Valencia!  Lindsey, check your inbox!  Can't wait to chat!

1. Wow, I'm still kind of in shock watching the relationship between Ephram and Alwyn develop.  How did I not realize just how much I'd love hearing brothers laugh together? 2. We had a zoo trip this week.  SO fun.  Ephram was in love with the maps, which is probably a good indicator he could use a few to play with at home. 3. Seriously, is there a better age than 6 months old? I mean, sure he's not sleeping through the night, but that smile, the giggles?  THE. BEST. 4. Goodness, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  We've been spending several evenings sitting in the backyard lately. 5. This kid cracks me up (when he's not driving me crazy). I'm not even sure what he's doing here - mid-hike at Brazos Bend last weekend while trying on his daddy's sunglasses. 6. We're growing peaches! 7. Thursday was Ephram's yearly heart check up.  His heart looks great, but the check up was a bit traumatic for him.  I'm glad that he was back to smiling and goofing off by Thursday evening. 8.  The family that weeds together, stays together.  Right?  ;) 9. So we only debated over buying a brand new stroller for Alwyn since before he was born.  And after six months of re-using Ephram's, we finally broke down and bought one.  Alwyn apparently loves it too since he took his first ever nap during a walk yesterday.

Happy Weekend!!