Google Reader | How do you view the web?

Do you still visit individual URLs of your favorite blogs to see if they've updated? Well let me introduce you to Google Reader. Instead of checking each blog everytime you sit on your computer, add it to Google Reader. It will automatically tell you when each blog has updated and with how many posts.

Here's a screen shot of my Google Reader:

All you do to set your Google Reader up is click on "Add a Subscription" at the top left of the screen. Then copy and paste your favorite URLs into this box. After you do this, they will pop up under "Subscriptions." You can organize them further if you have a lot of blogs, like I have in the screen shot above. When there is a new post, Google Reader will add the number of unread blog posts in parenthesis. If you wish to read the new posts, you can click on the subscription and the individual post will display in the window on the right.

Now don't forget to click on the posts and open them in the original blog every once in awhile so that you can leave some blog love in the form of a comment. Whenever I have a little something to add to a blog I read, I always take the time to navigate to the actual blog site and leave a comment. It's such a great way to spread happiness throughout the blog community.

Once you've added a few of your favorite blogs to your Google Reader subscription list, click "Recommended Sources" under "Explore" to find other blogs you may not know about. Google Reader does it's best to find other sites that meet your interests.

You can add two sites right away to your Google Reader! My Photography Blog - My son's site: Ephram's Updates -

notesDonya Gjerdingen