Something New

Echo... (echo)... Ya, it's been pretty quiet over here lately. But I gotta tell you, January in Minnesota doesn't really bring many opportunities for outdoor photos of anything but well-bundled people asking themselves why they ever chose to live in this colorless, finger-hurting, frigid land. Sure, the snow can be pretty, but once Christmas passes, I quickly lose any desire to look at the fluffy white stuff outside. How about you?

However, I promise things will liven up over here in a bit. But in the meantime, you can find me over on Ephram's blog sharing stories of my other life, including my adorable little man. It's how I make it through the days of freezing temperatures and limited daylight. Man, am I ready for an earlier sunrise and a later sunset. Summer is truly wonderful.

I do have one thing to share with you though. Starting at the end of last year, I began offering the full disc of images from photo sessions. Because what's better than having the high resolution copy of your images so you can print them off whenever you want to? Ordering prints through me is still an option, but I find that most clients would like a disc in their hands at the end of a session. So to make it a little more special, I will include a custom made cd case for you to keep those precious photos in. It's all kinds of pretty, and you'll know exactly what's inside, even 30 years from now.

If you have any questions about the custom photo case or other products I offer please email me at donyaluana [at] gmail [dot] com.

Are you still reading my ramblings? Well then I'll reward you with a secret! I may just be planning a little contest/giveaway in February where you could win a FREE photo session! So don't go too far and make sure you 'Like' my Facebook page so you don't miss out.

notesDonya Gjerdingen