What is Custom Photography?


Let's take a moment to talk about Custom Photography.  What is Custom Photography?  How does it differ from your standard department store studio?  Well let me ask you this: Do you have a favorite photo from your childhood?  One that gives you a little 'butterfly in the stomach' feeling?  Was it taken in a studio, maybe a colorful backdrop, while you were being asked to say 'cheese' and turn your chin a bit more to the right?  Or was it taken at a favorite park, maybe at home, chasing your sister while wearing your favorite purple t-shirt (you know, the one that your mom let you wear for 3 days straight that one summer). I ask you this because I have a feeling the childhood photos that speak to you most are the ones taken of your everyday life.  The ones of you playing with your brother or sister, or hugging your mom or dad, running after your family's dog.  They are definitely the ones that make my heart beat a little faster when I look back on my own childhood.  It's for that reason that my specialty is Custom Lifestyle Photography.

But what is Custom Photography exactly? And is it for you?

A custom portrait session with Donya Luana Photography is just that; custom! If the thought of having images of your children being themselves sounds good to you, then let's team up. Together we will create a setting that fits your family, your children, and I will offer assistance in clothing choices, location, activity, etc. I'll do whatever I can to create a laid back, fun experience while adding touches here and there that will help create beautiful photos. For the session itself, I typically like to give you something to do, whether it be a picnic at your favorite park, walking with your feet in the water at a nearby lake, enjoying ice cream from your favorite shop, or just playing at home! In my vision, the perfect family photos capture you being YOU! These are the photos I know my own child will treasure as he grows older. The ones that show the connections in our family, right now.

The second question is whether Custom Photography is for you.  Everyone has different styles and tastes, as well as budgets.  It's why you can by a purse at Target for $20 and a Coach purse for $200. It's the difference between a Cheeseburger at McDonalds and the Gaucho Burger at Doolittles (a favorite restaurant of mine in Eagan). It's the difference between a 15 minute studio session at a department store and a well thought out, relaxed paced, custom lifestyle photography session at a location of your choosing.

For me, cherished family photographs that will last for years upon years, generation upon generation; it's something I am okay spending hard earned money towards. If you don't agree, we're probably not a good fit. And that's okay! Everyone is different - it's a good thing. But if you agree with me, then let's talk, like immediately. Let's make beautiful photographs together of the ones you love.

If you stuck with me to the end, thank you!  And now you know a little more about Donya Luana Photography.  And if you want to know more, or you know... just chat, email me!

xo, donya

PS. The best thing about family portraits is that they will last forever.  Even your great great grandchildren will treasure them as much as you do.  

notesDonya Gjerdingen