Obsession List - September 2009

ObsessionSept09 I'm a person that gets hooked on something and can't do anything but focus on that one thing. I obsess.  Like play a song over and over and over... and over a few more times. And it's sort of fun to document your likes, month by month.  So here's my list for September.

WEAR: I have always been a fan of sweatpants, but lately, they've become more like my best friends.  Simply because they fit my growing baby belly!

EAT: I'm not a big eater.  I rarely eat huge meals, and I suck at cooking so I usually eat a lot of easy, quick meals anyways.  But since I've been pregnant, making food or even finding food I want to eat has been harder.  So many people talk about eating so much, and I do find myself sometimes hungrier than I would expect.  But for me, I basically have to remind myself to eat for each meal.  One thing that has sounded great though?  Sour Patch Kids.  No nutritional value at all, but they sure are yummy!!

LISTEN: Imogen Heap released her new album just a few weeks ago.  I love it already.  Her music has such a unique sound and it's very relaxing.  Yet at the same time, it's somewhat upbeat!  Give her a try.

WATCH: It's fall, and you know what that means? New TV shows!  Well so far not many have started, but one of my favorite things about this time of year is the anticipation of all these new tv shows.  (By the way, I'm particularly excited for Flash Forward)  Sure I know I'll never have time to watch them all, or that many of them will be failures anyways.  But it's such an feeling of excitement to wait for all the new, and returning, tv shows to start up for the season.  Soon it will be all snowy and cold outside here in MN and I will need something to keep me busy when it's dark and I'm trapped inside.

DO:  I love making lists.  To do lists, idea lists, etc.  And each night lately, before bed, I have still had a ton of ideas racing through my head, so I've been writing them down just before I sleep to help my brain rest.  It's helped.  But mostly, I just love lists :)

What are you obsessing about this month?