10 Months

Age: 10 monthsWeight: ~20 lb (estimating) Length: 29.5″ (estimating) Size: 6-12 month mostly, but some 12-18, size 3 diapers but will probably go to 4′s soon Eyes: Blue Hair: still growing. have to comb it after his baths, otherwise it dries funny. Also, he’s sort of growing a mullet. Teeth: Just the 2, but last week I was sure the top two would emerge soon. Sleeping: Been pushing bedtime closer to 8, especially around the holidays. Usually 7:30-8. Wakes once or twice bc he loses his nuk. Naps: Usually 2. Morning nap is 1-1.5 hours, afternoon is 1-2 hours. Eating: Cheerios, bananas, bagels, peaches, string cheese – just some of the favorites on this past month. Eats big meals three times a day and has snacks in between – usually cheerios or whatever I’m eating. Loves his bottles still though. Cries when they are gone even though he’s getting PLENTY of milk (formula). Movement: Crawling everywhere. Will walk while holding onto walking toys. Very mobile other than walking on this own. Can go up stairs, but not down. Oh, and of course, his awesome dance moves. :) Milestones: Pointing at characters (elmo, bert, zoey) in a book, lots of babbling, stopped waking up at 4am for a cryfest (*knocking on wood*), rolling a ball and chasing it, figured out how to turn on his toy table. Outings: A lot of visiting family around Christmas, otherwise, he barely left the house actually (took a few weeks off of playgroup so we could be healthy for the holidays). Favorite toys/activities: Playing “chase me”, or grabbing the volume nob when I tell him ‘no’. Hide and seek, tickling, playing with cars, chasing the cats. Reading one page of a book and then grabbing a new one. Words/sounds: Tons of babbling like normal, but more talking towards things, like the cats. Pretty sure he’s saying ‘mamama’ now. He doesn’t seem to say it to Beau, only me, i think. And the ‘dada’ in the video below was when Beau wasn’t even home. It’s just something he likes to say. Memorable moments: Scream laughing when he opened some of his toys. The big giraffe was a huge it.

And just because I shot some random video of him lately, I figured I'd share, as part of his monthly post.