13 Months

Age: 13 MonthsWeight: Guessing 22.5 lbs Length: Guessing about 30" Size: mostly 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers, size 4 shoe Hair: His hair grew a bunch this month, and now it hangs over his ears. Beau thinks it needs trimming because of this but I just can't do it. Teeth: Still 6. Sleeping: Between daylight savings time and Beau's new set work schedule, we've changed his bedtime to 8pm, though this past week he went to bed a little earlier due to being sick. Luckily, the later bedtime has lead to later morning wake up too! This morning E and I slept in until 7:45. It may not seem late, but compared to the 5:30-6:00am wake up he used to have, it's a huge improvement. Naps: Most of the month he took 2 naps still (1 hr AM/2 hr PM), but last week he started taking 2 hr morning naps and no afternoon nap when I dropped him off with my MIL. But yesterday he definitely needed the second nap and slept over an hour when I laid him down at about 3pm. Not sure he's ready to go to one nap yet, so we'll see how this week goes... Eating: Due to his sudden pickiness with eating, we've been slowly trying to bring more foods back. One day he'll like something, the next he won't. But does he seems to like salmon, which was new for him, and still loves bananas, grapes, and cheerios. Likes toast, but not bread. And of course, smoothies! Sometimes it's just a matter of showing him that I will eat it and enjoy it, and then getting it in his mouth to taste it before he'll decide he might like eating it also. What a weirdo. Movement: Everyday he walks more and more. Still not all the time, mostly crawls, but he's definitely getting more confidence in walking and even will take a few steps without being coaxed by us, especially in the last few days. Milestones: Took steps on his own. Developed a new dance for faster rhythms in songs (I love this and will try to video it son). Has become very good at bouncing and throwing his balls. And of course, looking for balls. Knows how to turn on our iPhones and iPad with the menu button (but doesn't understand the touch screen). Started sorting the food on this tray at mealtimes. Attempts to do what we are doing, ex: clipping his toe nails himself, swiffering the floor (seen below), shoveling dirt, folding (or unfolding) clothes, unloading the dishwasher, talking on the phone, etc. He's becoming a master at imitation. Outings: Storm chasing in Iowa. Finally got to hang out in the yard a few times and take a couple walks downtown. Even went to the park once with daddy. Words/sounds: Mama, which he uses interchangeably for either Beau or I. Ball was the new word of the month. Kitty occasionally. And I think he is starting to know 'More', but it sort of sounds like Mom too, so I'm not sure. Memorable moments: Got a slight sunburn after we took a walk downtown in 50 degree weather. Guess we'll be using the sunscreen from now on!