9 Months

Age: 9 monthsWeight: 20 lbs 9.5 oz (55th percentile) Length: 29 inches (76th percentile) Head: 18.5 inches (90th percentile) Size: 6-12 month clothes, size 4 diapers Eyes: Blue Hair: Fuzzy, but growing. Teeth: Two! They emerged at the same time around 8.5 months Sleeping: Usually 6:30-7pm. He sleeps so great, except when 4am comes. By 5am he’s back to sleep though, and lately he’s been sleeping until 7 or 8am! Naps: Still 2 or 3, though the occasional day with just 1 does happen too. All depends on what we are doing and how well he naps. Eating: Averages 20-25 ounces of formula/day. Introducing a bunch more foods. Loves ring noodles, cottage cheese, asparagus bits, peas (yep, changed his mind apparently), grapes, bananas, and of course, a taste of whatever we’re having. Movement: Started army crawling around 8.5 months, and real crawling this week. Favorite game is to crawl towards the tv speakers while cackling as I say, No, Ephram. Milestones: Clapping, singing, dancing, and occasional kisses. Outings: A weekend at Grandma Barb’s house. Thanksgiving at Mema and Papa’s, followed by a visit to the ER (was just an ear infection). Favorite toys/activities: Knocking down stacked cups, banging two objects together, exersaucer but only for short periods of time, standing next to toy table. Words/sounds: ‘Momom’ when he wants me. Says, “aaaaaaaaaaaAH” and jumps at the ‘AH’ part, and a ton of babbling. Memorable moments: Played so well, all on his own and with other babies, in the midst of all the noise and commotion at playgroup this week. At least part of the time.