Family Fun in San Antonio


dlp-houston-with-kids This weekend we headed to San Antonio for a last minute trip. Or as Ephram says, "teep!" He was very excited.

We arrived in San Antonio (about a 3 hour drive from Houston) late Friday night and first thing Saturday morning (after a yummy Holiday Inn Express breakfast, of course) we drove to the Gaudalupe River State Park. Ephram was in love with the water/river and throwing rocks. It took quite a bit of convincing to get him to do more hiking after we stopped to skip rocks, but eventually he came with us. We also took the opportunity to teach him about prickly cactus since they were everywhere. From there on he searched for them on all of our hikes, mentioning how they are 'shark' (sharp) and 'ouch!' and 'hurt!' Love hearing him learn words every single day.

By late morning, we were done exploring the state park (at least with the company of a slow toddler - I think it might be time to finally buy a jogging stroller so we can go further on the trails with Ephram), so we headed back to the city for some River Walking and Alamo visiting. Though by the time we got there, we were all very hungry and Ephram decided it was a great time to break down and have a tantrum right in front of the Alamo... so you'll see there aren't many photos from there. Still it was enjoyable, once we found food, and a less crowded part of the River Walk to explore. And some Starbucks.

For the rest of the afternoon, we explored a second state park, closer to our hotel. Government Canyon State Park has a ton of trails and once again, we could have explored a lot more without a very slow toddler, but he really enjoyed hiking, picking up rocks, and pointing out the cactus and airplanes we saw along the way.

We hoped to explore another state park on Sunday but the cold temperatures changed our minds and we headed straight home instead. Yep, we've officially become Texans and are afraid of the cold. But in reality, it was only in the 30s with light rain, and that wouldn't have been much fun to hike through with Ephram anyways. Instead, he slept almost the entire drive home, making for a really nice drive for Beau and I. ;)

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