a jungle


Okay, our backyard is not technically a jungle, but come on...

When I'm picking tomatoes and look back and see this? I think it's safe to say that at times our garden has grown into something like a jungle.

And because Beau complained that I haven't ever posted a full shot of the new-summer-2011-backyard-patio project yet, here's one. Finally. ;)

Here's one from the left side. (And for a comparison, photos from when the plants were just starting to pop up) (Ignore the ugly shed in the back, we've got some plans for that poor, unfortunate piece of wood.)

It's sure been fun to watch Ephram grow up this summer in conjunction with the garden/patio. As Spring arrived and the snow melt, Ephram learned to walk just in time for us to head outdoors (I can only recall a couple of times early in the Spring that he could only crawl on the driveway). And in true toddler form, he helped us dig up the dirt, walked back and forth as daddy hauled rock from the driveway to our new patio, planted plants, and generally just hung out.  He even has helped in the harvesting of our veggies.

Seeing his curiosity in our gardens and exploration of the backyard this year only makes me more excited for next year and how much more he'll be able to help.

Because he sure is a sweet, helpful, little boy.