A Lot Of Bird


I’m giving you fair warning up front. This post contains far too many pictures of pelicans. You can probably ask just about any of my family members and they’ll agree that I have always had a special place in my heart for pelicans. From the time I was 2 years old driving with my parents in Florida calling out ‘bird!’ everytime we passed one. I remember visiting the St. Pete Pier as a kid and being in awe of the number of pelicans that hung out there. And they’d allow you to get so close. And of course, watching them not so gracefully plop in the water to catch a fishy lunch, has always been a fun seen while walking the beach.

They are all over Florida, and now that I’m not a star-struck little kid, I can see how they could be quite a nuisance to local boaters and fisherman. But I still adore them. Something about them is just so cool to me, compared to other ocean birds. They especially like to wait for fisherman to return to the docks and wait for scraps of newly caught fish, which is what we got to witness as we waited to board the Naples Princess our second day of vacation. They swarmed the docks once they all realized it was free fish time.