Adventures in Camping | Brazos Bend State Park


dlp-houston-with-kids Okay, I like camping, but I also like sleep. I also went on this camping trip knowing I didn't feel well from some morning sickness. But we took a gamble because we wanted to explore our new state. And yes, we didn't sleep well since Ephram didn't sleep well, but overall it was some good family fun.

It wasn't Ephram's first or even second time camping with us, but it was his first time in a tent. Though it was cold and rainy, we did get a weak campfire going, roasted hot dogs, and played with sticks! Nighttime was chilly, and I didn't even bother taking the camera out for breakfast. I think my fingers would have fallen off. But we explored a few of the trails before heading home. All the alligators, birds, and rock throwing can really wear a little boy out! Hopefully we'll be back again soon.

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