Alwyn : 2 Months

My goodness, time is flying. Where did my little newborn go? Alwyn turned two months old last week!

- At his 8 week check up he was 13lbs 3oz (5oz less than Ephram was at 2 months). - Smiling the cutest smiles ever. Especially in the morning. - In addition to smiling, he started "talking" to us. If he's in a happy mood at dinnertime, we sit him in the reclined high chair. Whenever I look over at him, I say Hi, and smile. He then gives me the cutest smile and coos back. It amazes me that at such a young age babies can be so social. Love it. - Great eye contact. This was one of the first things the doctor mentioned at his 8 week appointment. - Eats every 2-3 hours during the day. - Sleeps best in his swing, swaddled, with a pacifier. And when Ephram is being particularly loud with his toys, I'll turn on some white noise to help him sleep more soundly. - When not at home, he rarely sleeps. - He surprised me with his first seven hour stretch of sleep at 6 weeks and has repeated it a few more times. Nights like that he typically will wake once or twice more before morning. Other nights aren't so fun. If his first stretch is only 4 or 5 hours long, the rest of the night he's usually up every hour or two, making for some fairly long and painful nights of not sleeping... - Still has a bit of a cranky period in the evening, but we're getting better at figuring out how to calm him down. - Gets very upset when Ephram cries or yells. - Loves to "stand" when we hold him. He isn't one to just lie still really ever. He's constantly moving, squirming, kicking his legs. This little guy wants to move, go, walk, crawl... you get the picture. - Started to tolerate baths a bit more at 6 weeks, which is right about when Ephram did too. He still doesn't love them, but at least my ears don't hurt afterwards! - Has the stinkiest hands because he keeps them in tight fists so frequently, so it's a good thing he's tolerating those baths more. I wash his hands quite often.

(Couldn't quite get a non-blurry close up of that smile, but I'm sure he'll still be giving them next month. Instead, one of his classic funny faces.)

Month One