Alwyn : 3 Months

My big three month boy!

- Such a smiler. Love his smiles. He loves smiling. So we smile at each other most of the day.
- Caught his first cold in early December. Poor guy sneezed and sneezed. - Losing some hair (as am I...) & gets tiny knots on the back of his head from moving his head side to side when he's attempting to settle himself to sleep.
- Still an awful sleeper. They say you should put an end to sleep associations at month three, so we've attempted to get him to sleep in something other than the swing and it just doesn't work. So for now, we're doing what gives us the most sleep, aaaand I'm still up 3-5 times each night with him and barely making it past 5am in the morning. Constant reminders that he's only 3 months old and that he's growing older every day are the only thing that gets me through the tired days. At least he greets me with huge smiles every morning.
- Still loves to stand. If you hold his hands, he immediately pulls up to a standing position and a big smile appears on his face. & he loved the johnny jump-up when I pulled it out one day. I'd use it more but the doorways it would work on aren't in very convenient areas.
- Got an exersaucer for Christmas and has played with the toys on it a bit. This works so well since I can bring it with us around the house. - Watches Ephram all the time. I can already tell he looks up to his big brother a lot. - Loves to watch us eat. I don't think it will be too long before we start him on some purees. - Close to 16 lbs and I packed up a bunch of 0-3 month clothes that were too small. *tear* - Love, love, love this boy - as long as he naps! ;)

Can't get over how much he's changed in three months!

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