Alwyn : 4 Months

This sweet boy is growing like a weed! Month four was still full of sleepless nights, but just in the last week we did some sleep training and he's finally sleeping through the night with just one wake up to eat! Keeping my fingers crossed that this continues through the next month. This month he:

- Weighs 16 lbs and is nearly 26" tall. This is almost exactly the same as Ephram's 4 month stats.

- Watches his brother like a hawk and stays fairly entertained on the floor watching Ephram play.

- Rolled from tummy to back twice one day but hasn't done it since.  Coincidentally, or not so, we had our 8 month old neighbor girl over that same day.  I think Alwyn was just showing off. ;)

- Has started grabbing at his toys - picking them up and bringing them to his mouth all the time.

- Likes to be turned outward in the moby now. So much to see!

- Usually went to sleep at 6pm and woke up for the day around 6am, waking up 3-6 times per night...ugh.

- Took 4-5 naps each day around 40 minutes each.  Sometimes longer, but usually not.

- We weaned him from sleeping soley in the swing - since it wasn't helping his sleep much anymore.  

- Still super happy most of the time.  As long as he's fed and not incredibly tired (which happens somewhat often when you don't sleep well really ever), he's a smiley little boy.

- Loves the exersaucer.

- Loves to stand with our help.

- Smiles, talks, sings, coos. Such a good baby (especially now that he sleeps!) Month 5 will be the best yet!