Alwyn : 5 Months

Okay, I'm feeling rather guilty that I seem to only be blogging Alwyn updates. I swear I think about blogging about a billion times each month and then I just never get the time. I had no idea how much more work two kids would be. I love them to pieces, but man... It's been a rough month. We had finally figured out how to get Alwyn to wake up less at night and he was napping slightly better. Three weeks later we went out for a playdate and have been sick ever since. Coughs, runny noses, fevers. Needing to be rocked to sleep. Nursing constantly. This has been our normal for over two weeks now. Needless to say, my free time has been severely limited. But this little stinker bug is growing like crazy, smiling and watching us most of the day.

This month he:

- Went through sleep training (per our pediatrician's suggestion).  Only took about a day or so to get him down to only one or two wake ups each night.  Huge improvement.  Aaaand, it lasted all of three weeks before he got sick and woke up an hour after bedtime with a stuffy nose.  I just couldn't force him to cry through that.  So his nighttime sleep has been pretty horrible again, but it's slowly getting better as he gets better.

- Most nights he goes to bed around 6pm and wakes up around 6am for the day.

- Napping was never great, even after sleep training, but got even worse with his cold. But at least it gave me an excuse to rock him to sleep for a few naps when Ephram was napping and I got to start watching Mad Men on Netflix!

- Started eating baby food occasionally. More just for fun and practice. And once he caught the cold he wasn't too interested so we stopped.

- Despite being sick part of the month, he's still a super happy boy most of the day. Even when he's tired and cranky, it isn't impossible to make him laugh. Sometimes he'll start smiling while crying because we're trying to cheer him up.

- Became a snuggler this month. I think this was partly because we stopped swaddling when we did the sleep training.

- Loves, loves, LOVES his brother. He loves seeing Ephram. Ephram still isn't too interested in him, but each day he likes him slightly more.

- Grabs for everything. Reaches for his brother, blankets, my water bottle, anything. And it all goes in the mouth.

- Watches TV!  Ephram did not care much for tv until he was almost 2 years old, so this is very different.  And it's not just Ephram's shows that he likes, he'll watch anything.

- Still hasn't rolled over since the two times he did it in January. But is getting closer and closer to sitting up. (actually just in the last week he's gotten pretty good, but I'm a week late in posting this ;) )

- Laughs at Ephram when he's whining. I love this.

- Has such a cute little giggle.

No big smiles for his five month photos. He was pretty tired and under the weather this day though, so that's probably why.

"Are you done yet, mom?"