Alwyn: 6 Months

And just like that, he's been in our life for half a year. This seems utterly impossible. Has it really been 6 months since I've slept all night long? Heh. But in all honesty, this boy is such a joy. His smiles are contagious and his sweetness is addictive.

This month he:

- Learned to sit up. My mom visited at the beginning of the month and had him sitting for short periods of time. Within just a few days, he was sitting for several minutes. I still leave the boppy behind him whenever I walk away because he falls occasionally.

- Recently has developed a desire for Ephram's toys over his own. He's sick of the baby toys already. I figured this would happen eventually (that brother is just too cool), but at 6 months?!

- I swear a switch flipped and now he wants to nap all the time. The baby who was previously giving me three or four short 35-45 minute naps every day was replaced with one who takes 1-2 hour naps four times a day!

- He's still waking quite often at night, and he screams until I feed him, so I do... Right now he's only nursing once or twice (usually twice) a night, and then coos himself back to sleep. I wish he'd sleep through the night, but it's definitely better than it used to be.

- He's eating solids. As he approached the 6 month mark I really started getting serious about giving him solids once or twice a day and he loves it. He wants spoonful after spoonful, especially if it's squash. And this is in addition to nursing every 2-3 hours. He's hungry boy.

- Unsure of how much he weighs. His check up is next week. (edit: He weighed 18 lbs at his check up!)

- Performed his first back to tummy roll. Twice! But both times were in his crib so I've not yet seen it with my own eyes. When he's awake, he prefers to be sitting, but he gets close to rolling sometimes!

- Moves around in his crib a ton thanks to this move. He pushes with his feet, arches his back, and scoots northward.

- He is a super social boy. Loves smiling at people and giggling. He even had a flirt session with a slightly older baby girl at MOPS one day. Seriously one of the cutest things I've ever witnessed.

- His favorite person continues to be Ephram. He loves watching him play and gives the biggest smiles ever when he sees him. Ephram has finally started to interact with Alwyn too. Mostly by giving him blankets, which Alwyn finds hilarious.

- Took his first bath in a regular bath, while sitting in the bumbo. Can you believe I have been bathing him in our bathroom sink since he was born? We gave away Ephram's baby bath when we moved and I was too stubborn to go buy another.

I really wish I wouldn't have started this series in Ephram's room. The lighting is only good on very sunny days and at a certain time each day - which is why the lighting is so off and diverse in those first three shots. Oh well, guess that's what happens when you're sleep deprived from a newborn! Maybe I'll get crazy and switch to the master bedroom for the next three months just to change it up (a green background).