Alwyn : 8 Months

Growing into a big boy! This month he:

- Traveled for the first time. Right before our trip to MN we realized that the furthest he'd been away from home was Galveston! He visited 5 new states on our road trip and did excellent in the car. He probably would have done even better if Ephram hadn't woken him up so frequently from his naps.

- Started showing a desire to crawl at the beginning of the month and just in the last week or so he has learned to army crawl. Ephram's toys are no longer safe. And he's not too happy about it.

- During our drive back from MN, he learned to play peek-a-boo. Any time he has a blanket or burp rag near him now, he brings it over his face and giggles uncontrollably, waiting for someone to notice he's "missing".

- Says "mama"! First word! He knows how to make this mama's heart melt, that's for sure.

- Ephram is his favorite person on the planet. This month they really started playing more together.

- Went through a rough streak of bad sleep again right before our MN trip. It only got worse while we were traveling & staying with family since I didn't want him waking up everyone in the house. So once we returned home, we had to re-teach him that nighttime is not for eating (yes, maybe once, but not 5 times/night!). And just a day or two later he was sleeping 11-12 hours/night.

- He still goes to sleep quite early, around 6-6:30pm, and then sleeps until 5-5:30am (which is when Beau & I get up anyways during the week), so I feed him then and he sleeps another 1.5-2.5 hours.

- Takes 3 naps most days. They are normally short (45 minutes - 1 hour), so I usually let him sleep in his swing during Ephram's quiet time, which prolongs his nap sometimes to 2.5 hours. (= happy mama!)

- Loves his solid food! He has liked most things except peas and broccoli. But he loves cottage cheese, all fruits, and even has some of my smoothie occasionally. And he loves to hold a spoon while he eats.

- No teeth yet. Ephram got his around 8.5 months, but I was toothless until nearly 1 year, so it still could be awhile. He really wants to self feed though, which is hard without any teeth. The only thing I can really give him are the baby puffs.

- Estimating that he's around 20lbs.  Still in size 3 diapers.  Some 6-12 month clothes are getting tight.

- Incredibly sweet. Super cuddly. Happy most of the time. We love him.

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