Alwyn : 7 Months

Going to keep this month short since we're traveling to Minnesota tomorrow and I know if I don't post this today, I never will! This month he:

- Is rolling all the time! He rolls all over his crib, and since he hates being on his back, when you lay him down to change his diaper, he rolls to his tummy as quick as he can.

- He's not crawling yet, but he does roll back to tummy, tummy to back in order to make small movements towards toys when they are out of reach.

- At the beginning of the month he was only really enjoying fruits (banana, peach, apple), but a week or so later he developed a taste for just about anything we gave him. One day avocado was making him gag, and the next - he loved it!

- His naps have shortened back to 45 minutes, but occasionally it's a bit longer. Since he takes such short naps, he's still taking 3 and sometimes even 4 naps per day. Sometimes it's still a stretch to get him to stay awake past 6pm, which means he's usually very cranky while we're eating dinner. We brought the swing out of retirement to make dinner time a little easier.

- Such a snuggler. When it's time for a nap, he and I go rock for a minute in his room before I lay him down. I think these are my favorite times of the day. After a particularly difficult day with Ephram last week, I let him sleep in my arms. Made the day SO much better.

- Still not sleeping through the night, which is probably mostly my fault. He doesn't *need* to eat at night, but it's so much easier to just feed him and have us all go back to sleep instead of listening to crying. So, he still is up 1 or 2, sometimes 3 times a night... After our road trip, we may have to work on this a bit though.

- Ephram was my bottle baby, so I was super excited for Alwyn to be my bf'ed baby. I never would have guessed though that at 7 months, he would hate bottles. We're working on it, and I think as he discovers his ability to hold the bottle on his own, it will help. Or maybe we'll just move to a sippy cup soon.

- Everyone's first comment when they see him: "Look at those eyes!"

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