And Then He Was Two.


To be honset, Ephram's birthday wasn't all that special. For a boy who barely understood why I had taught him to respond with "two" whenever asked "How old are you?", and without any family or friends nearby, and a mama coming down with a cold... I never ended up getting the eggs needed to make the cupcakes I had hoped on making for him. An oil change cut into his nap which meant no nap at all. And on the way to the grocery store with Beau after work to buy cupcakes, we took a detour to a new housing development 'just to look' which led to a tour of a model home nearby. So by the time we arrived home to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of a little boy's entrance into this world that evening, I think we were all pretty tired - especially that little boy. And when this little boy is tired, he's a bit touchy. Especially when you shove candles in his face and tell him to blow them out before he can eat cupcake. Poor guy...

So the next day, we did it over again. We still didn't celebrate much, but I think he enjoyed his cupcakes a little more at least.

Oh Ephram, how did you get to be such a big boy?

For the last year I’ve struggled between calling you a baby and a toddler, but not anymore. You are truly a little toddler boy and sometimes you’re more a little boy than a toddler. Two seems like such a big number that I don’t even want to consider what having a 10 year old or 18 year old will feel like.

A few things I don't want to forget about your two-ness: + the way you say 'yaaaaaeah' when I say I love you. + you say you're Happy when you wrap yourself in blankies. + a blanket tied around your neck like a cape is your favorite. + when Daddy or I yawn, you say we are tired. + you're eager to learn colors. + almost every time I ask what color something is you guess blue first, then you think about it and can usually give me the correct answer. + you confuse circles with ovals. + you confuse squares with diamonds. + and sometimes you call them kites. + you can identify stars and hearts like a pro. + you sit in my lap at library story time. + one of your favorite books is the baby faces book. + i think you could read books all day long. + you love the vacuum but hate when it's on. + loud things are often 'scawy' to you. + like the loud barking dog that surprised you in the parking lot a couple weeks ago. + and when the train was sounding its horn when we were walking into Target. + you love milk. + you like juice. + you're okay with water. + you prefer 'mama cereal' to cheerios. + cooking is done daily in your little land of make believe. + preferably with real cooking pots, pans and utensils. + even though you have your own mini version of everything. + you've developed a love for Sesame Street, but no other PBS show really holds your attention. + you narrate most of my day. + "all done shower" + you sing your own little song when you are in a happy mood. + and you love to wiggle and tickle. + you announce every truck you see when we drive. + and let me know if the truck is present or not whenever we drive to the store. + hearing you learn words makes me incredibly happy. + watching you run crazily through the apartment gives me a smile. + i love you, little boy.