the belly update

Well he is still growing.  So much so that I feel him just about all the time, and sometimes not in the greatest of spots, including right under my ribs.  Somewhat uncomfortable.  But it's a great feeling to know he's still doing well in there, moving all the time. Can't believe how fast time is moving. Only 15 more weeks until we are expecting him to come out and with the holidays just around the corner, I'm sure those will be a fast 15 weeks.  And we still have lots to do.  I was completely motivated to ready the nursery about 10 weeks ago, but we kept pushing it off since we had time and figured we'd spread out the costs of buying things.  Well, the decorating has pretty much stopped ever since.  I'm sure by Christmas though, I'll be full of motivation once again.

And just to give you an update on the growth of my belly, here's a little slideshow to watch the changes.  Just drag the slider bar at the bottom to the right. (PS. Won't be veiwable from within Google Reader)

See all of my pregnancy photos on Flickr.

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