April 2009 - Recap

My first month of being 23 years of age.

Spring really coming (I was starting to worry it never would)

Some changes at work + yearly reviews which went just fine.

The one year anniversary of the marriage of Beau and I.

The realization that I love Beau even more than a year ago.

Anticipation of summer.

Anticipation of lilacs.

Anticipation of another year with Beau.

Here are a few images from the past month:


1. Beautiful Day for a Walk, 2. Mae on the Deck, 3. happiness,

4. One pillow just isn't enough., 5. No Longer, 6. Napping in the Sun,

7. Time to Sprout Out!, 8. My Exploring Girl, 9. A little bit of green.

A recap of my 101 Things:

#2: I guess April will count as a summer month, bc I already wore a skirt three times this month! Woo hoo!

#13: I haven't learned any new Spanish yet, but signed up for an online class with some coworkers that is being offered.  Just haven't heard back yet on when it will start.

#14: lol, this is sort of a silly goal... but I really enjoy the show despite all the liberal stupidness.  But I finished Season 1 on dvd today and hope to get Season 2 finished next month!

#28: Well, it's been a slow start to this list, but hey, I think I'm doing well on this goal.

#42: Sort of the same thing going on with this goal as well.

#46: I haven't exactly been keeping track of this, but I feel I've been doing a fairly good job of it.  I've been asking Beau to go for walks everyday that is warm and sunny, and more times than not, he says yes.  We even walked all the way to downtown to check out a local shop with some Amy Butler fabric last Friday.  And ate lunch at one of our local favorite restaraunts.

#49: I started late on this one as well, but I have been slowly getting back in the habit of taking vitamins each day.  And that's all that matters to me.

#59: As you've seen in recent posts, I've finally scanned the "before and after" pictures of the house and taken some recent pictures.  These will go in my household notebook soon.

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