Around Here


Around here things have been busy.

Around here Beau has been helping me get the nursery ready and moving my office back downstairs.

Around here we've been taking a lot of walks, enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer warmth.

Around here we've both been working a lot of morning shifts, and trying to accomplish as much as we can in the evenings, if we aren't scheduled for doubles...

Around here I've been anticipating the changing of the leaves. It's been extremely dry for the first half of September, and one last thunderstorm doesn't seem likely...

Around Pacey has been enjoying a new crib (or one large laundry basket as some may see it as).

Around here my camera has been getting a workout, along with my computer, as I take and edit way too many photos.  I think my computer starts to hate me after about 5 hours of editing. 

Around here a revamp of the blog and website have been accomplished, as you may have noticed.

Around here I have been getting a little giddy inside about the ideas for fall decorating I have floating around in my head.  I figure sometime before October I might have an hour or so free available for decorating.  Also, this cute Halloween album has got my head spinning for future ideas.

Around here my belly is slowly getting larger. (Picture above was from last week when baby was estimated to the be the size of an apple)  And the next ultrasound has been scheduled for October 6th.

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