Around Here

1. Alwyn is growing too fast! This 'night owl' Gap onesie was a favorite when Ephram was little and I forgot that it runs a little small. So even though it's labeled 6-12 months, it's nearly too small already. 2. This. boy. loves. food. 3. So much talk about Easter Egg hunts. We did two with friends and of course one when the Easter Bunny came. He still talks about them all. 4. Snuggles on the patio with daddy. 5. Ephram posing in the chair while I tested the light for Alwyn's monthly photo. 6. Tres Leche cake made by my amazing husband for Easter/my birthday. 7. Love those eyes so ridiculously much. He's been so interested in my water bottle, I figured I'd give him his own to practice with. 8. Oh, hey! I got an iMac last weekend! (best. birthday. present. ever.) They've finally lured me in, even though I said I never would switch from Windows. This article explains my thoughts exactly. 9. Seriously, when did Ephram get so old?

Happy Weekend!

PS. If you're local and interested in a photo shoot in the near future, you just might want to come back here on Monday. ;)