Around Here Lately

August is flying by, and I really don't mind. I'm anxious for Fall. To stop growing and watch a baby grow outside me for a change. For the hint of routine we get every other week when MOPS begins (our first taste of pre-school). I love routine. Around here:

- Beau's recovering from his surprise appendectomy very well. I couldn't believe I didn't blog once last week, & then looking back I realize just how strange our week was. Beau came home from the hospital Monday, but was back to work by Thursday. & to top if off, mowed the lawn Thursday evening. There was absolutely no stopping him.

- Baby Brother's room is getting closer to "done" status with the purchase of a few more frames.

- Trying to remember what it's like to have a newborn again. How is it that you can forget so much in only 2.5 years?

- Took a spontaneous drive to Austin just to get out of the house and ate at the delicious Wholly Cow Burgers. I can think of a few people in Northfield, MN who would love that place.

- Preparing for the official re-opening of Donya Luana Photography early next year, once we settle into our new routines with Baby Brother around.

- I put in my last effort towards potty training Ephram before he becomes a big brother. He absolutely knows how to do it now, but there is no bribe or reward in the world that will make him stop what he's doing to go use the potty when he needs to. & being 33 weeks pregnant, it's just not worth the fight every couple hours. Once again I'm reminded that he'll do it when he's ready...

- Fully enjoying the last weeks we'll have only one child. All THREE of us took over a two hour nap yesterday afternoon. So, so nice.

How's your August going?