Baby 2 :: Weeks 17 & 18


It's that time again. My belly is growing! Since the moment we began planning for baby #2 (which was actually quite a few months before we actually did have a baby on the way), I've been brainstorming a new pregnancy photo series in my head. Unfortunately, I never came up with anything that satisfied me and I started to run out of time! My belly was starting to grow and I wasn't documenting it! Luckily, while writing out my daily to-do list a couple weeks ago and adding 'belly picture' to it, I came up with this little idea in my head. My inspiration came from Serena & Lily. I love their designs so much, don't you?

So here we go with weeks 17 & 18. My belly sure didn't grow much during the first trimester, through all the nausea, but boy is it popping out now that my appetite has returned. :)

Time to get the stretchy clothes out; my button was undone in that last photo.

xo, donya