Baby 2 :: Weeks 19, 20, & 21


I'm over the hump. Half-way there. At least, I hope. Though if this baby decides to be late, I sure wouldn't mind giving birth on 10/11/12. How awesome of a birthdate would that be?

The second trimester continues to treat me much better than the first. My biggest challenges seem to be forgetting how large my belly is getting and that I no longer have ab muscles. Sneaking through small spaces and helping with yard work is proving to be much harder than my mind would like to imagine.

As mentioned in Week 21, we are in the beginning stages of getting Ephram out of the crib so that it's ready to go for baby #2. But he's too scared to sleep in the new twin bed. In the meantime, I'm dreaming up what color to paint the walls. I'm leaning towards trying out these grey stripes!


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