Baby 2 :: Weeks 22, 23 & 24


Some pregnancy updates: Today I will (hopefully) take my Week 25 photo, but my brother in law is in town and we have plans to go to Galveston this afternoon, so I have a feeling I'll be late with it. Hence the reason I'm just posting the past three weeks this morning. I'm kind of stuck in those weeks where I'm nearing the third trimester and feel I've gone so far with this pregnancy, yet have so far to go.

My friend Jody suggested the Lay it on Thick lotion by Bath and Body Works for my growing belly. Seriously, this is the best stuff ever! I didn't feel the sensation of my skin literally ripping apart with Ephram until around 38 weeks, but this time around I feel it any day I forget to put this lotion on. Incredible stuff. Though I really doubt I'll ever feel comfortable wearing a two piece swim suit every again.

A huge thank you to my friend Courtney for borrowing me maternity clothes to me this week. I was realizing yesterday just how much more enjoyable it is to look at baby clothes than maternity clothes, yet maternity clothes will probably get more use than any newborn sized clothing we have! So I finally broke down and ordered a maternity swim suit top. It was time to face the facts that with this Texas heat, a swim suit that I feel comfortable wearing in public is kind of a must.

Lastly, the book I refer to in Week 24 is the I'm a Big Brother book by Joanna Cole. It makes me so happy that Ephram is (slowly) starting to understand that we'll be adding a baby to our family. Thursday morning, the first thing he said to me when he woke up was: "See baby belly?" while lifting up my shirt.

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