Baby 2 :: Weeks 26, 27, 28, & 29

The growing continues.

For some reason it really hit me last week that I'm going to soon have a newborn in the house once again. Probably had something to do with having our adorable seven week old neighbor over while her mama went to the dentist. I'm so anxious to snuggle another one of my own little boys, but I'm also very nervous about splitting my time between Ephram and the new baby. I know it will all work out, but I can't help but be a bit worried about what it will be like. Luckily, Ephram's imagination has exploded in the past month and he spends so much time entertaining himself with his toys. With how "high needs" he was as a baby, I truly never thought he'd be able to play all by himself so well.

As for the past five weeks of pregnancy, they've continued to progress smoothly. No gestational diabetes (despite my love for sweets lately), no heart defects, & other than a bit of fatigue, I still have had enough energy to help Beau paint two rooms in the house. If only bending over to pick up toys hadn't become so difficult.

And yes, you may realize I missed week 25. Really these weekly photos take minutes, but it still requires digging out the tripod, and making sure I don't look like a complete slob. The motivation just wasn't there that week. But I'm crossing my fingers tight that it's the only week I miss!

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