Baby Gator


Houston continues to surprise us. Just before waking Ephram from his afternoon nap for the walk through of the new house on Thursday, a little anole crawled across our screen door. When we tried to show Ephram, the lizard quickly ran to the edge of our deck, but I was able to grab a picture quick before we left. That would have been the end of the story... but when we arrived home, I started up the oven for dinner and was startled when I saw something skitter across the kitchen floor. The anole! Beau and Ephram quickly came in to catch it and check it out, at which point Ephram exclaimed, "Baby Gator!"

We're thinking he got hurt somehow in our kitchen (probably from hiding under the oven when I was warming it up) and burned his eye and tail. We set him down in our tiny herb garden and he's stuck around all weekend (on the deck, not in the house). We've named him Francisco. If he's still here on Wednesday, he may be getting a new home along with us. :)