Backyard Makeover


The first sneak peek at what we've been up to with the house since we moved in. But this update is not about the indoors. While I'd love to do a million things at once, it's just not possible. And since one of the main reasons we moved to a warmer climate was Beau's love for gardening and tropical landscaping, our first major project has been the backyard. THE BEFORE

In our new development, they wait to sod the backyards until the home is purchased. So here's a very "before" photo taken about a week prior to moving in. The angle of the photos may make the layout a bit decieving; I was standing against the back fence and took one photo to my left, one directly in front of me, and one to the right. Our backyard is a rectangle.


While we've made some major headway on the backyard, I'd like to note that we still have several additions we'd like to make in the future, so it's still very much a work in progress.

Our first additions to the yard were plants that we'd bought for our deck while living in the apartment: four tropical Hibiscus plants and a Pygmy Date Palm.

Aaand, then we bought a second Pygmy Date Palm to match the first on the other side of our covered patio area. Ephram loves helping, though he rarely actually helps. This time, he actually did a pretty good job!

This lemon tree was brought from our apartment deck as well.  Before the move we noticed it had sort of stalled in growth, but since being planted in the ground, it's really taking off.  Lots of little lemons growing.

Then the work against the fence began.  We bought three Oleander bushes, a Canary Island Date Palm, & a Mexican Fan Palm.    And brought the four tropical Hibiscus plants out there as well.  Oh, and we stocked up on mulch.  Lots of mulch.

Meanwhile, Ephram rode an empty plant pot around pretending it was a tractor.  He was also very interested in the orange flags marking our backyard utilities as well.  And again, trying to help, by moving the mulch that didn't really need to be moved...

In the last two weeks we've picked up a Pindo Palm, Mediterranean Fan Palm, Papaya tree, a Holly bush, a Sago palm, two more tropical Hibiscuses, three Canna Lillies, and three Ixoras.

And last weekend came the additions of two bird feeders. Though we have yet to see any birds use them (it's definitely not hummingbird season here, which we knew), they really add something to the yard even if they are just for looks at this point.

Ephram loves looking at the flowers.

It's hard to tell in these photos, but we have a temporary border of bricks around the landscaping. The builders left us with a ton of extra from the house and we have no immediate use for them, so we figured this might be a good way to use them up, but we're not satisfied. A nice rock border will be added eventually. Probably once the summer heat subsides a bit.

Here's a close up of the Cannas (in the corner pictured above) that Beau hooked me on last year in our old yard.  There's also an orange one that isn't blooming right now.  I'm not sure why, but they are quickly becoming my favorite flowers.

Okay, here's our current "after" photos. First, a view from the fence. Second, a panorama of our view from the patio.

Did you spot my baby belly shadow above? :)

And a peek behind the fence? This. Pretty much nothing right now. Eventually, there'll be a boulevard and more houses, but there's no definite date/year as to when that will happen.

As for the patio, once again, we've got ideas but they'll come with time. Nice patio furniture? Outdoor rug? Storage something-or-other for toys and fertilizer? Pretty lights? Speakers so we can enjoy music? For now, it's enough. We love sitting out here on weekend mornings with cups of coffee & on weekday evenings with refreshing drinks while Ephram plays.  These two chairs were purchased for our apartment deck after we moved to Texas, but will forever be remembered as our only living room furniture for nearly a month while we waited for our furniture to come in the moving truck. Ah, memories...

Someday we may add a swing set for Ephram and baby #2, but for now Ephram's been enjoying his new water table.  Perfect for Texas Summers, I think.

So there's the tour of our backyard!